Kitchen Renovation

Published on

02 August 20222


S & Y Tiling

There could be many reasons to renovate the kitchen at your house. It can be an old kitchen that needs to be demolished and rebuilt, there could be water leakage that has damaged the kitchen, there is not enough storage in the current kitchen, or it is not big enough to accommodate you and your guests at home. Whatever your requirement is, we can work with you to restore the good state of the kitchen or build you the new kitchen you have in mind.

Kitchen Renovation at S & Y Tiling

At S & Y Tiling, we are a team of experienced and skilled tradesmen in home renovation including bathroom, laundry and kitchen renovation. We have worked with many South Australian customers, and we always prioritise customer satisfaction.
When you contact us, we will carefully listen to your plan for renovation as well as the requirements and preferences you outline for us. We can also give you some advice on what works best given the area size, materials to use, and/or features to implement in the new kitchen. We try our best to build you a new kitchen that you can cook and dine-in with peace of mind.

Our Kitchen Renovation Service

We specialise in kitchen renovation of either indoor or BBQ outdoor kitchens. You can enjoy one all-inclusive kitchen renovation service from S & Y Tiling, meaning that we will bring any other tradies that are required to build your new kitchen like plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter, tiler, etc. We will include the cost of hiring these tradies and/or any materials needed in our quote. This will give you the convenience of dealing only with S & Y Tiling rather than working with multiple tradesmen.
Our kitchen renovation service will be constructed by our skilled staff who have years of experience in the industry.

S &Y Tiling Services guarantee the ‘perfect job’ EVERYTIME!

If you are looking for experienced bathroom renovation tradesmen, please feel free to contact us.

How much does it cost

The cost of renovating the kitchen at your home can vary depending on your requirements. It could be just replacing the waterproofing layer and tiles on the kitchen floor or a full-scale demolition and renovation of the old kitchen. Any renovation job you have, we try to keep our prices at the affordable and competitive level.

Supplying Materials

In addition to fixing and renovating the kitchen, we can supply any materials needed for the renovation process such as tiles, kitchen sink, and/or joineries. You have the option to select among the list of materials we provide. We have always tried to use high quality materials in our renovation projects.

Get in touch with us

If you are thinking of remodelling or renovating the kitchen in your house, you can contact S & Y Tiling via phone call or text message at 0418 289 314 or send us an email at for a free quote.